Common Pleas Filing Fees

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Filing Fees

Dissolution of marriage $350.00
Complaint for divorce, alimony, etc. $400.00
Guardian ad litem (each party must deposit) $400.00
Complaint for divorce by publication (includes publication deposit) * $650.00
Post judgment motions, etc. $300.00
Cross complaint / Counterclaims $150.00
Foreign Decree (flat fee) $210.00
Consent Entries $75.00
**NOTE: All past due court costs must be paid in full before new proceedings are commenced and new costs paid. Any refunds due will be applied to past due costs.
Cognovit $300.00
Ordinary civil actions $350.00
Credit card, banks, & assignees $450.00
Any execution (subject to further deposits for Sheriff’s fees) $350.00
Garnishment, bank attachments (flat fee) $150.00
Debtor’s exam, proceedings in aid $250.00
Cross complaint / Counterclaims $150.00
Certificate of judgment $50.00
Foreign Judgment (flat fee) $60.00
Issuance of certificate of judgment $5.00
Foreclosures, services by publication (includes most publication fees for Sheriff sale) $1900.00
(publication fees for add’tl Sheriff sale) $1300.00
Writ of possession $350.00
State of Ohio related releases on certificates of judgment (BWC, Dept. of Taxation, etc.) $25.00
General releases on certificates of judgment $5.00
Expungements $100.00
Court of Appeals filings $150.00
Qualifications for Employment $100.00
Deposit for Jury fees (due one week prior to trial date) $300.00
Fax filings $0.25/pg.
Fax requested documents $2.00 for 1st pg., $1.00 ea. add’tl pg.
Copies of filings (not certified) $0.10/pg.
Copies of filings (certified) $2.00/document
Dissolution & Divorce pro se packet $5.00
At termination of case, clerk shall not bill for costs less than $5.00 or refund any balance less than $5.00.

** posting alternatives for indigents in CivR 4.4(A)(2)