Common Pleas Court Legal Office

Sandusky County Clerk of Courts
100 N. Park Ave., Suite 208 (Map)
Fremont, Ohio 43420

Telephone: (419) 334-6161
Fax: (419) 334-6164

Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Legal Department

Click here to pay fees related to criminal, domestic relations and civil proceedings.

Note: a convenience fee will be charged for use of this service. The amount of the fee will be a minimum of $2.00 or 2.75%.

The Clerk of Courts office plays a vital role in its service to the courts as the "Record Keeper" for the courts. The Clerk's offices are required to accept filings, perform docketing and indexing functions, and preserve the official records of the courts.

Cases handled at the Common Pleas level are felony criminal matters, domestic relations, and large civil matters. The Clerk of Courts issues many documents in the carrying out of court orders. These range from a simple subpoena to the death warrant in a capital case.

In Sandusky County, the Clerk of Courts for the Common Pleas Court is also the Clerk for the Sandusky County Courts #1 and #2.

Filing Fees

07/01/2013 - Costs in cases shall be as follows:

Dissolution of marriage $350.00
Complaint for divorce, alimony, etc. $400.00
Guardian ad litem (each party must deposit) $400.00
Complaint for divorce by publication (includes publication deposit) * $650.00
Post judgment motions, etc. $300.00
Cross complaint / Counterclaims $150.00
Foreign Decree (flat fee) $210.00
Consent Entries $75.00
**NOTE: All past due court costs must be paid in full before new proceedings are commenced and new costs paid. Any refunds due will be applied to past due costs.
Cognovit $300.00
Ordinary civil actions $350.00
Credit card, banks, & assignees $450.00
Any execution (subject to further deposits for Sheriff’s fees) $350.00
Garnishment, bank attachments (flat fee) $150.00
Debtor’s exam, proceedings in aid $250.00
Cross complaint / Counterclaims $150.00
Certificate of judgment $50.00
Foreign Judgment (flat fee) $60.00
Issuance of certificate of judgment $5.00
Foreclosures, services by publication (includes most publication fees for Sheriff sale) $1650.00
(publication fees for add’tl Sheriff sale) $1300.00
Writ of possession $350.00
State of Ohio related releases on certificates of judgment (BWC, Dept. of Taxation, etc.) $25.00
General releases on certificates of judgment $5.00
Expungements $100.00
Court of Appeals filings $150.00
Qualifications for Employment $100.00
Deposit for Jury fees (due one week prior to trial date) $300.00
Fax filings $0.25/pg.
Fax requested documents $2.00 for 1st pg., $1.00 ea. add’tl pg.
Copies of filings (not certified) $0.10/pg.
Copies of filings (certified) $2.00/document
Dissolution & Divorce pro se packet $5.00
At termination of case, clerk shall not bill for costs less than $5.00 or refund any balance less than $5.00.

** posting alternatives for indigents in CivR 4.4(A)(2)